Facilities Operations Standard Services

As written and adapted by the Provost Office March 14, 1974

Definition of Standard Services

Standard Services includes those services for which funds have been budgeted by Facilities Operations. These services are provided without cost to other College departments.

Examples of Standard Services

  1. Routine maintenance and repair of educational facilities and residence halls of a recurring nature includes scheduled paining, carpentry, glazing, furniture repair, roofing, gutters and downspouts, tile work, hardware repair and replacement, utilities, plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, electrical, repair of lighting fixtures, maintenance and repair of elevators, dumbwaiters, etc.
  2.  Facilities Operations is responsible for the operation, maintenance, and repair of campus utilities system. This includes production of steam and maintenance and repair of systems and equipment related to heating, hot water, electricity, gas, oil, water, sewage, and telephone.
  3. Custodial services include the routine and recurring cleaning of floors, walls, ceilings, windows, furniture, bathrooms of campus facilities.
  4.  Groundskeeping services include routine care of grounds, walks, roadways, landscaping, snow removal, trimming trees, salting, cutting grass, routine and scheduled trash pickup, and routine hauling related to normal Facilities Operations services.
  5. Specific grounds maintenance and custodial services, including utilities are provided for the Allan P. Kirby Field House, Ruef Natatorium, the Alumni Memorial Gym, Fisher Field, Metzgar Fields, and the McCracken Varsity House.
  6. Vandalism and physical abuse of facilities above normal wear and tear and for which Facilities Operations is responsible is treated as routine maintenance and repair when the responsible parties cannot be identified.
  7. Facilities Operations provides keys and locksmith services for all College buildings and facilities. Routine maintenance and repair of hardware is also provided.
  8. The maintenance and repair of portable fire extinguishers out the campus is a standard service.
  9. Facilities Operations fabricates signs and has them painted as a Facilities Operations service when the signs become part of buildings for which the plant is responsible.

Facilities Operations Reimbursable Services

Definition of Reimbursable Services

  1. Reimbursable services include:

a) Special services provided to College departments for which those departments must provide funds.

b) Services provided to self-supporting College enterprises, such as the Bookstore, Dining Service, College-owned fraternities, etc.

c) Services provided to non-College organizations.

Examples of Reimbursable Services

  1. Improvements and alterations that have not been included in the Facilities Operations budget must be charged to requesting departments. Examples might include installation of lab equipment, special lighting, addition of bulletin boards, etc.
  2. Improvements and alterations requested by self-supporting organizations are charged to the requesting organization unless specifically included in the approved Facilities Operations budget. For example, remodeling of the Bookstore would be charged in full to the Bookstore.
  3. Special services of a custodial nature which are non-recurring, such as one time set ups for dinners, plays, concerts, Commencement activities, dedications, cultural events, clambakes, etc. are charged to the sponsoring departments or organizations.
  4. Special trash pickups and special hauling such as hauling books, departmental equipment, and furniture is charged to the department receiving such services.
  5. Hauling and moving of furniture and equipment related to move-ins and move-outs of departments are charged to the departments.
  6. Maintenance and repair of departmental equipment, e.g., laboratory equipment which is not part of the basic building and which is dedicated solely to specific departments, is normally charged to the departments.
  7. Major improvements such as new construction and rehabilitation of large scope normally are included in the Capital Budget.
  8. Utility costs are charged to certain budgets of the College (i.e. residence halls, bookstore, etc.) as well as private users (i.e. certain fraternities) on a prorated basis according to actual meter readings or engineered estimates.
  9. The Department of Athletics and Physical Education frequently calls upon Facilities Operations to provided special services for athletic contests; to construct, to alter, to maintain athletic equipment owned by that department; to provide set ups for meets which are beyond the routine custodial and grounds care provided by Facilities Operations.
  10. Work in College-owned fraternities is accomplished by Facilities Operations according to the terms of the lease between the College and the fraternities. Most services are charged to the fraternity houses or to special accounts set up by the College to maintain and repair the fraternity houses.
  11. Vandalism and physical abuse of facilities which is above normal wear and tear is billed to responsible parties whenever these parties can be positively identified.
  12. Cost of vandalism or abuse to departmental equipment or privately owned material must be the responsibility of the departments or the individual owners.
  13. The maintenance and repair of fixed fire extinguishing systems such as found in the hoods in various kitchens out campus will be the responsibility of Facilities Operations but will be charged to the separate kitchen operations.
  14. Replacement of lost keys is charged to the individual who lost the key(s).
  15. Signs may be fabricated and painted and charged to the requesting department.
  16. Manpower sometimes is available to provide miscellaneous painting and carpentry work of a redecorating or aesthetic nature.

Charges for Reimbursable Service

  1. Reimbursable services to College departments and organizations are charged as follows:

a) Labor charges are billed at the average hourly rate for the type of service that is requested.

b) Material is billed at cost.

2. Reimbursable services to non-College organizations are charged as follows:

a) Labor charges are billed at a flat rate for the type of service that is requested. The rate includes fringe benefits and overhead.

b) Material is billed at cost.