For emergencies (e.g. leaking water, no heat in the winter), please call 610-330-5373 during business hours.

For all after-hours emergencies, please call Public Safety at 610-330-4444.

You may submit a Work Order request in several ways:


  • Facilities Operations is responsible for cleaning and maintaining residence halls.
  • If you have a non-emergency maintenance issue you may submit a Work Order Request through your RA or the Residence Life Office.
  • If you need tables or chairs for an event your Advisor must submit a Work Order Request to Facilities Operations.
  • All repairs due to student damage or general wear and tear will be completed through Facilities Operations.
  • Students are prohibited from doing their own repairs, on and off campus.

College Employees:

  • When requesting routine maintenance, or project work, submit a work order via the FAMIS Work Order System.
  • Most secretaries on campus have a username & password for the FAMIS software work order system.
  • If you do not have access to FAMIS please contact the Facilities Operations Office at ext. 5373 and we will be happy to set you up as a web user.
  • When requesting or creating a Work Order, an account number must be provided for charging any time or material fees related to the Work Order. If a Work Order is for routine maintenance, your account number will not be charged. When the request is processed, a number will be assigned and the Work Order will be routed to the appropriate department group depending on the type of work requested.

Note:  Do not submit Work Order requests for room or building renovations or the purchase of equipment or furniture. Such requests are considered project requests and can be submitted by completing a Project Request.

Special Events:

  • Work Order Requests for Special Events require a Work Order Request at least 3 days prior to event, this is considered a Reimbursable Work Order. You must include the account number so that we may charge the correct account.
  • When requesting work orders for large events such as, Major Concerts, Athletic Events, Commencement, Alumni Weekend, All College Day, Dedications, etc. Facilities Operations requires at least one week advance notice.

What to Expect Next

Your request for work will be processed as soon as possible. Facilities Operations must take work orders in order of importance. We strive to complete your work order in a timely matter. If you have any questions regarding work orders please do not hesitate to call Facilities Operations at 610-330-5373 and we will be glad to answer your questions.

Who Pays for What?

Most repairs and maintenance to Lafayette facilities are paid for by Facilities Operations. However, some services are charged to the requesting department’s budget, such as repairs to departmental equipment, renovations, door signs, and special event services. Call Facilities Operations at 610-330-5373 for information to help determine if your request is the department’s responsibility.