AC Installation

Any student who has been previously medically approved for an air conditioner and who will not reside in a building with central air conditioning this coming school year should contact Facilities Operations, 610 330-5373 to give them his/her current room information.

The following Residence Halls have central air conditioning:

  • 635 High St.
  • Fisher East
  • Fisher West
  • Grossman House
  • Kamine Hall
  • Keefe Hall
  • Kirby House
  • March Hall
  • McKeen Hall
  • Ramer Hall
  • Rubin Hall
  • South College


Students residing in non-air-conditioned halls are not permitted to bring their own air-conditioner unit to campus. However, students with medically documented needs may be approved for air conditioning by filing paperwork with the Bailey Health Center. Once approved, the student will be directed to Facilities Operations to complete the process.  There is a fee for installation and use of these College-supplied units.  An air conditioning installation fee will not be charged to students who receive an air conditioning unit as an accommodation for a medical condition.


Students living off-campus at Lafayette College are not permitted to use their own private air-conditioning unit.

Only Facilities Operations Staff is permitted to install AC units in college-owned properties.